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The model and on-screen character shares her insider facts on how she remains fit and sound over the Christmas time frame

‘To have a sound way of life, you should be direct in your way to deal with it and not be fixated on wellness or your eating routine. It’s great to practice consistently and know about what you eat – that is the manner by which I continue best of things. I keep up a solid state of mind to my way of life, yet I don’t generally consume less calories. In the event that you need to have some good times and enjoy at ends of the week or uncommon events, I don’t think you should thrash yourself over it!

The Morning After

‘On the off chance that I need to unwind, I have the incidental mixed drink. My most loved drink is a G&T, and I get a kick out of the chance to have a glass of wine with sustenance, yet I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a major consumer. In the event that I’ve been out throughout the night and feel got dried out in the morning, I drink a considerable measure of water – and espresso clearly. I’ll additionally do a pleasant clean all over on the off chance that I have an inclination that I have to spruce up my skin, yet I consider bounty rest, omega supplements and drinking four liters of water a day do essentially all that you have to survive!

‘I adore an indistinguishable sustenances from every other person… cheddar, chocolate and espresso with sugar, yet recently I’ve been following a greater amount of an Atkins
approach with higher protein, bring down carbs and less sugar in my eating regimen, which I think everybody ought to take after on the grounds that it gives you stacks more vitality. Since I’ve eliminated sugar, I look and can rest easy. It’s to a greater extent a way of life than an eating regimen, and I endeavor to adhere to that.

‘I cherish working out, but
living and working
between London and
Los Angeles can be really
hectic, and on account of the
long flights, the last thing
I need to do is go to the
gym when I get off the
plane. I want to blend things
up with combative techniques, SoulCycle and Megaformer
Pilates, yet when you’re
travelling or working a great deal, rec center get to can be limited,
 so I simply go for a walk or
ride a bicycle rather – your exercises don’t generally have
to be rec center situated.’